MessageFromUs lets you send messages to your friends, family, customers of your company, or patients using an email, text (SMS), or phone call format. You can use this global service as a reminder for events, appointments, or invitations. Reach out to people around the world for an affordable price.

Affordable rates to let you keep in touch with everyone around the world.

Our service allows you to send messages/reminders/invites around the world.

Text (SMS), phone call, or email

Choose between text (SMS), phone call, or email to send your message to each recipient.

You control the customer list

Your customer/friends/family/patient list can be saved and re-used for future campaigns.


Send event or appointment reminders and keep track of who will attend.

Create your beautiful message

Create a custom message using video, images, and fonts.

Our Affordable Plans

Our plans are an affordable alternative to higher-priced telephone company offerings.