KeethaVideoPhone (VoIP)

How to communicate with your team and outside of your company.

What is KeethaVideoPhone?

Today many businesses have a need to communicate with customers and other businesses in a secure manner. Most telephone communication is over Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and it is very affordable. KeethaVideoPhone is a VoIP audio/video communication platform.

Employee-to-employee calling

KeethaVideoPhone supports companies with multiple locations as a single phone system entity. For example if your company has locations in Boston, Miami and San Francisco,  employee-to-employee calling is a free. And even if the employee travels around the world, employee-to-employee calls are still free.

Call U.S., Canada and International

Whether you are in your office making a phone call using your desk phone or traveling using our mobile app from anywhere in the world, the charges remain the same.

Screen your calls when using mobile phones

When you use our mobile phone app your calls go through your company KeethaVideoPhone system, so the called party sees your company phone number.

Automated Attendant – Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Also known as a virtual receptionist, which is the main greeting for your company. Using this greeting, KeethaVideoPhone will route your callers to extensions and departments in your company.



KeethaVideoPhone services

KeethaVideoPhone service can be used by offices and for personal use.

How to keep in touch with your employees and clients from anywhere in the world

Communicate with your employees and clients using KeethaVideoPhone. It is secure, easy to use, and also affordable providing a greater return on investment.

  • Extension-to-extension calling is free.
  • Call from anywhere in the world for the same price as calling from the office.
  • Receive calls from anywhere in the world.
  • Automated Attendant.
  • Caller ID screening.
What more we offer

Great Possibilities

This is where KeethaVideoPhone is an important solution for you.
Basic Phone Plan
Billed Annually.
4 Inbound lines unlimited (4000 minutes)
100 outbound minutes
3 cts additional minute
5 GB Storage
$10 1GB additional storage/month
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